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Trivia Night Theme Ideas

Bar patrons enjoy the addition of a trivia competition while drinking together.
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Trivia contests are a favored way to amuse friends and show off your knowledge. Trivia competitions are often used at fundraisers, parties and bars in order to provide interactive entertainment for patrons or attendees. A variety of themes and variations on themes can be used to add individuality to a particular event, and even the venue itself can be a component of the trivia night’s theme.

Pub Quizzes and Bar Trivia

Pub quizzes are a poplar social event, in which teams of friends compete while drinking and eating at a bar and a presenter asks questions. A pub quiz may draw a crowd by featuring a local celebrity host or by crafting its theme around a particular area of interest to the bar’s patrons. A local news and culture theme may be favored in cities with large arts communities and politically active residents. Science or other academic themes may be well-liked in bars near universities. Entertainment trivia may also be successful in a general trivia setting, where pop stars, celebrities and other entertainment news is a favored topic.

Audio and Visual Components

In venues where a video projector or televisions are available, the host can integrate pictures or movie clips into their questions. The host may show short video clips and ask the contestants to name the film, or ask about little-known facts from the production or the actors involved. Short clips of familiar songs and music videos are also useful as questions.

Multi-Round Themes

Many quizzes incorporate multiple rounds, in which a series of questions are asked and then the competition breaks to allow patrons to purchase food or new drinks before the next round begins. Each round can have a specific theme, and each question within a round can have something to do with its theme. These themed rounds can be combined as well. For example, the first round may be called “Loves”, and each question could have a romantic component. The second round could be called “Labors”, in which the questions focus on work and careers. A third round may be called “Lost”, and loss could be the general theme of the round. The three rounds together create a larger theme: “Love’s Labour's Lost”, which is the title of a Shakespeare play. The over-arching theme of the entire night could focus on the works of William Shakespeare.

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