Trivia Games for Seniors

Trivia games
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Exercising the brain is just as beneficial as physical activity is good for the body. Senior citizens may know that aerobic and weight lifting exercise programs are a good way to stay fit, but they many not know that certain games are a good way to keep the brain fit. Trivia games for senior citizens can help keep the mind sharp.

Mayberry Fans

Trivia board games whose questions and answers are based on old television programs are fun and relevant for seniors. One such game is based on the small town of Mayberry from the long running television series. The name of the game is called, “The Andy Griffith Trivia Game”. Seniors who were fans of the show enjoy answering the questions about this favorite program. Opey, Aunt Bea, Barney and other characters come back to life in the questions and answers of this trivia game. Remembering the details is a good exercise for the senior brain. It is also a social activity that is played with others.

Television Trivia

Another television based trivia game is the, “I Love Lucy Trivia Game”. Seniors who recall the antics of Lucy, Ricky, Ethyl and Fred can enjoy remembering details of these 1950s television episodes. The series was about a Cuban immigrant who performed with his band in a New York City nightclub. Some senior memories will spur the cognitive brain center to recall some of specific story lines about Lucy’s comedy routines and how they interacted with the characters and time period. Two or more people can play this game.

Stooges Game

“The Three Stooges Trivia Game,” is based on the old comic series about Larry, Curly and Moe. This was a black and white cartoon with real actors playing the parts of silly men in hilarious situations. Its slap stick type of humor includes episodes of the three men hitting and smacking each other in a playful manner. Seniors who remember the series will stretch their brains to answer questions and will also have fun playing the game in a group setting.

Memory Games

Other trivia board games may test the memories of seniors who enjoy remembering facts about animals or general knowledge. These two games are the popular titles, “Amazing Animals Trivia Game,” and “Trivial Pursuit.” For seniors who enjoy cooking or simply appreciate remembering details about food, the game, “Food Lovers Trivia Game,” is a good choice.

Computer Game

The web has interactive trivia games for those who like to play games on the computer. These are also a good choice for a senior who does not have the availability of a partner or group for games. One game is called TriviaWeb. It is a free game that tests knowledge on different topics. Scores are calculated and saved, and they are also compared with others who play the game. There are more than 30,000 questions in the data base.

Homemade Games

Seniors can also make up their own trivia games. With some index cards and the use of memory skills, trivia questions and answers vary with personal interests. One idea is to create a game about family history or prior adventures. Making the game is part of the fun, and it is played with family members.