Touch & Feel Preschool Crafts Images

Preschool students learn about their five senses through various activities and crafts. Learning about the sense of touch can be a fun experience for preschool students. To teach the students about this sense, help them create touch and feel crafts. The students will most likely enjoy learning about this through the use of hands-on activities and crafts.

Touch and Feel Box

Make a touch and feel box with preschool students by using an empty square tissue box, wrapping paper, scissors, glue and craft supplies. Help the children wrap the tissue boxes with a piece of wrapping paper. Use craft supplies, such as buttons, foam shapes, stickers and glitter to decorate the outside of the boxes. Once the box is dry, place various objects into it. Choose objects that have different shapes, textures and feels, such as a small piece of sandpaper, a cotton ball and a noodle. The children can share their boxes with their families, letting family members or friends guess what the objects are by feeling them.

Texture Painting

Let children learn about touch and feel by creating textured painting crafts with them. Offer several colors of paints to the children on individual plates. Let the children mix different textured items into the paints, such as coffee grounds, small leaves or corn meal. The children then paint on paper and are left with a textured painting. After the paintings dry, the children feel the various textures and will notice the differences in each.

Touch and Feel Book

Help preschool children make a texture book to teach them about touch and feel. Give children sheets of construction paper that are preprinted with the words “This feels” with a blank line afterward. Place piles of textured objects on a table and let the children choose a few items. The children will then make pages of different feels. For example, a student picks five cotton balls and glues them on a page. He fills in the blank by writing “This feels soft.” Instruct the children to make a certain number of pages of different feels. Other types of feels could be smooth, rough, hard and bumpy. After finished, staple each child’s pages together to form a book.

Texture Collage

Give each child a piece of construction paper. Place different piles of items on the students' tables and let them choose and glue objects onto their papers to form a texture collage. Offer pieces of tinfoil, yarn, sandpaper, carpet, dry leaves, noodles and cotton balls. Let them be creative and glue the objects anyway they would like on the paper.