Tips for Painting With Tissue Paper

Artists love a challenge. With so many different painting techniques and opportunities available, artists will never run out of quality creations to make. Painting with tissue paper is a clever idea. Who would have thought that laying tissue paper on a painting could give it a whole new look? Painting with tissue paper is quick and easy. It requires hardly any skill, since the painting underneath is usually just an array of blended colors. If you are looking to create a beautiful masterpiece and you have tissue paper painting in mind, read through the following steps below to learn how it is done.

Tips for Painting With Tissue Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Paint Brush
  • Tissue Paper
  • White Paper
  • Watercolors

Wad up a sheet of white tissue paper and set it aside. Set out bowls of different colored watercolors. For this project we will use red, green and purple watercolors.

Dip your paint brush in the red color and begin painting the edges of the plain white paper. Wash over the paper lightly to prevent ripping.

Insert the paint brush, you just used, with the red still on it, into the green paint. Stab at the paper blending these two colors.

Move around in circular motions mainly in the center, then rinse your paint brush thoroughly.

Apply purple watercolor to the center portion of the paper. The reds and greens will be slightly towards the outside edges, whereas the purples will be more in the middle section.

Spread out the crumpled white tissue paper over the white painted paper. Gently press the tissue down with your hands, leaving some of the crinkles and creases intact.

Let the paper almost dry, then lift the tissue off the painted paper to reveal a wonderful work of art.


  • The tissue paper on the top is only used to create an effect. White is appropriate for the job. However, some colored tissue papers bleed and can actually add more color and character to your design.


  • Tissue paper is very thin and easily torn. Be extra careful when using the tissue paper especially once it gets wet.