How to Throw a White Party

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You want to host a party and you want it to be all white. This is a great idea for summertime; lighter colors look cool and refreshing. Start the party planning off right by beginning with white invitations. Plan well in advance, stay organized and you can have the sophisticated white party of your dreams.

Choose invitations. You can find white invitations in stationary stores or online. This will set the tone for your white party. Send invitations out about three or four weeks before your party date.

Ask guests to wear white. It's nice to specify a dress code, whether it's casual, dressy casual, semi-formal or formal. The party venue and time mostly determine how guests should dress. An afternoon garden party can be fairly casual, while an after 5 o'clock event may be more semi-formal.

Decorate your venue with white streamers, white rugs and other white or light colored decor.

Decorate tables with white linens. You can use white flowers like gardenias in water-filled shallow bowls as centerpieces. Other white flowers you may want to use include roses, carnations, lilies and orchids.

Set place settings in white. This includes white place cards, place mats, napkins and plates.

Serve foods that are white or light in color to keep in line with your white party theme. Food ideas include white chocolate-covered strawberries, light cheeses, risotto, chicken, pork, turkey, white corn, cauliflower, angel food cake (with or without white frosting), coconut cake and vanilla ice cream.

Serve drinks like ginger ale, lemon-lime sodas, pina coladas, martinis, mojitos and White Russians.

Things You'll Need

  • White invitations
  • White table decor
  • White decorations
  • White clothing
  • White flowers
  • Light-colored foods
  • Light-colored beverages


  • Clear glasses and sterling silverware will lend to the crisp, clean look of your party. If you specify a creative dress code, it's a good idea to give your guests an example of what you mean, including what is acceptable and what isn't.