Things to Make With Coffee Cans

By Serena Spinello
Things to Make With Coffee Cans

Many people have empty coffee cans lying around their house or office. Instead of simply getting rid of them, they can be used as the foundation for a number of different projects. You don't have to be a great artist or have a certain skill level to do so; the projects can even be created by using other materials and supplies that you already have.


Coffee canisters can be transformed into a variety of things. For kids' projects, piggy banks and craft supplies holders are a fun idea. After the can is washed out and dry, it can be decorated and personalized. This can be done in a number of ways: painting it, covering it with pictures or cutouts to make a collage on the canister or covering it with different fabrics. As the project is being worked on, you'll probably come up with new ideas to add a personal flair. Hold on to the plastic lid of the container so you can make an opening for coins and dollars.


Craft supplies and projects can get messy and take up a lot of space. Crayons, markers, glitter, glue, beads, tape and much more can be neatly stored in the canister. Existing projects that are not yet fully completed or need to dry can also be kept in the can. Turning the coffee can into an accessory holder is another idea. To save space, you can store hair clips, makeup, desk supplies (rubber bands and paper clips), small toys and other items in the can. It can add personality to a room and even keep things like pins and needles in a safe place.


Coffee canister cans also be transformed into bird feeders, treat jars and flower pots. Even if you don't like to garden, you can still create a beautiful bouquet by using artificial flowers or flowers that you made yourself (from fabric or paper).The canister will serve as your vase and can be decorated according to your arrangement. Over time, you can construct a whole garden setup. These can also serve as centerpieces or a token for your guests to commemorate an event.


Treats like cookies and candy seem all the more appealing if they come from a tempting holder. It's also a great way to organize items around the kitchen. Utensils can be organized in a can, as well as flour, sugar and condiment packages. Perhaps there is a holiday or a new season approaching; your cans can be festive and set the mood.


Creating your own special game with the canister can be a lot of fun, too. You can make it a coin toss or use it to pull game cards from. During charades, have everyone enter a word or phrase on a piece of paper, shake it up and then draw from the can.
Coffee can projects serve as great gifts because they are personal, one-of-a-kind and affordable.

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