Things to Do With Old CDs

With advances in technology, CDs are becoming obsolete. While it may be tempting to simply throw away unwanted or old CDs, remember the environment. There are plenty of ways to reuse those CDs that have outlived their usefulness.


Use unwanted CDs to make a sun catcher to place in the window. Take two CDs and drill a tiny hole in the same location in each. Run a wire or string through the holes with the writable sides facing outward. Secure by knotting, and place colorful beads and charms on the wire or string. When the sun shines on the CDs, it will make rainbows.

Make Shapes

Add CDs to a pan of nearly boiling water to create a molding. After the CDs have been taken out of the water, they will be cuttable into any shapes imaginable. Do not leave the CDs on the stove too long. Make sure the area is well-ventilated to avoid harm from fumes.

In the Garden

Unwanted CDs can be used in the garden. Write the names of the vegetables and fruits in your garden on different CDs with a permanent marker. Attach the CDs by using glue or a tack for marking garden rows. Also, CDs can be used in gardens as a scarecrow to ward off unwanted animals such as birds. String a few CDs together and hang them over newly planted items, and the glint will keep pesky animals out of your garden.


Unwanted CDs can be used as substitutes for orange reflectors. To make a reflector out of a CD, drill a tiny hole in it and attach it to a mailbox post or wooden stake in the ground. To light up your driveway, add several posts along its length. You can also tape CDs to your bicycle to serve as reflectors.

Donate to Chairty

If you just want to get the CDs out of your home, consider donating them to charity. It may be a pain to ship them, but there are plenty of organizations willing to reimburse donors. One such charity is The organization will pay you what it costs to ship the CDs and then sell the CDs for $1. The proceeds are donated to an SPCA to provide a second chance for a stray animal.