Things a 12-Year-Old Boy Can Do in the Summer

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The summer months offer your child a time to relax from school. However, some children become bored from a lack of activity. Your 12-year-old son may have asked about summer-related activities. Talk to him and help him find things to do. Some things a 12-year-old can do for the summer are free.

Summer Day Camp

Twelve-year-old boys can enjoy a summer day camp. Summer day camps allow children to participate in varied activities. Supervised activities include sports, barbecues and crafts. He gets to explore potential hobbies and interests. If you plan to enroll you son in day camp, prepare to fill out the application early. Find summer day camps in your town or nearby cities.

Summer Youth Sports Activities

Summer youth sports activities give your 12-year-old son the chance to learn teamwork and meet new friends. Types of summer youth sports activities include softball, baseball and swimming. When you select a program, make an appointment with a pediatrician, who can determine if your son is able to participate in the activity. Plus, the sports activity program may require this documentation.

Summer Family Business Participation

Your 12-year-old son can provide summer help in your family business. Tasks for your preteen son include photocopying documents, filing business forms and answering the office telephones. Your son can work in the mornings and still have time for other activities. Check with your financial adviser about hiring your preteen son for the summer months.

Summer Volunteer

Another choice for your 12-year-old son involves summer volunteer activities. One volunteer activity involves helping an older neighbor. Your son can help carry groceries, water plants and provide companionship. Plus, his volunteer efforts act as work experience for later jobs. Discuss with your son if he interested. He can spend five or 10 hours a week as a volunteer.

Summer Enrichment Program

Enroll your son in a summer enrichment program. Enrichment courses can range from computers to art. He can choose a program based on his interest. For example if he has a camera, he can take photography. Some of these courses are given free. Speak with his middle school counselor about places to enroll your preteen son.