The Uses of VHB Tape

Very High Bond tape ,or VHB tape, is a double-sided strong adhesive tape. VHB tape is made by 3M Bonding Systems Division. Manufacturers use VHB tape in numerous situations where bonding two items together in the normal fashion will either provide aesthetic or connection issues. An excellent example is the use of VHB to hold the metal panels together on horse trailers. The welds and rivets cause aesthetic issues.


Very High Bond, or VHB tape, is an alternative to welding, riveting or bolting two pieces of metal together. A special metal adhesive VHB tape allows manufacturers and individuals the ability to create a flat surface between sheets of metal without any bumps from rivets or bolts. Grinding is no longer necessary to remove the line from a weld to create a smooth surface.

A flat surface on metal is desired for aesthetic purposes when painting murals or adding painted or stenciled lettering. A flat metal surface is easy to clean and has less holes where water could penetrate and create rust.

Ideas for using VHB tape for metal include siding application, mounting metal trim, connecting duct work, plumbing and so on.

Under Water

A specially created VHB tape works underwater to hold metal together. A test completed in 2005 shows VHB tape held its seal for 10 years and 2 weeks. The test was between dissimilar metallic materials. The VHB water tape is developed to prevent and protect metal from galvanic corrosion. The test proved the VHB tape is an excellent adhesive to hold dissimilar metals together underwater. Ideas for VHB tape that works underwater include swimming pools, boats, docks and so on.


A VHB tape to hold plastic together is made by 3M. It works in the same fashion as the tape for metal. Replace messy liquid adhesives with this new tape. It is pressure sensitive and holds plastic together with ease. Some of the uses for VHB tape for plastic include attaching plastic trim to vehicles, trim to the outside or inside of a building, seat tears, fixing broken toys and so on.

Painted Surfaces

Holding together painted surfaces is a snap for 3M's VHB tape. The VHB tape does not disturb the integrity of paint. Use it for mounting a mirror, signage, attaching flooring, ect.