The Great Commission Bible Story Crafts

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In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is recorded as commanding his followers to go out into all the world, make disciples and to baptize them in his name. This is called the Great Commission and it is taught in Sunday schools and from the pulpit in Christian churches around the world. Crafts about the Great Commission can serve as a reminder about the lessons learned for both children and adults.

Globe Crafts

To stress the message that Jesus sent his disciples into the entire world, create globes as crafts. For a multi-week project, have Sunday School students create a papier mache globe over a balloon and paint in the continents and oceans. The papier mache will have to dry before the painting can take place. You can also give each child a foam craft ball and let him paint it blue and then write the words "Go Ye Into All the World" on it.

Scroll Crafts

Talk to the children in your class about the message that Jesus wanted his disciples to carry into the world. Give each child an empty paper towel roll to paint and decorate as a scroll case. Then let them write on a piece of construction paper what Jesus' message is in their own words. Let them roll that up and stick it in their scroll case. You could also have students create a scroll where they draw a picture of Jesus talking to the disciples and then print the verse from Matthew on the scroll.

People Crafts

Talk about how Jesus wanted his message taken to all people, not just a few. Give children magazines and let them cut out pictures of lots of different people and make a collage. You could also have children make a picture book where they draw the picture of a different person in their lives on each page. Talk to them about what they could do to bring the message of Jesus to each of those people.

Adult Crafts

Crafts don't have to be just for children. Adults in Bible study groups or individual study may wish to use their own artistic abilities to more deeply experience the story of the Great Commission. A Bible study group might make a quilt with each member contributing a square that shows a way to help carry out the Great Commission. Other crafts could include a stained glass window scene of Jesus giving the commission to his disciples, a cross stitch sampler with the verses from Matthew on it or a burned wood scene.