The Difference Between Mozart and Beethoven's Styles

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Mozart and Beethoven were both musicians of the 1800's classical period. They were different in personality as well as in musical styles. Mozart was an upbeat person who played for the royals. Beethoven was an angry person who played for the people. Mozart started his musical career at a young age and died at 35. Beethoven did not publish his first symphony until age 30, became deaf at 50 and died at 56.


Mozart's style was one of precision and clarity of note, each sound crystal and distinct. Beethoven was more rubato. "He had an almost muddy sound that allowed for more changes and variations," says music teacher David Barnaba.


Mozart's music reflected his lighter personality. A family man with children, he played music that was comfortable for the listener to hear. Beethoven's music reflected his dark moods. A solitary man, his music was created for himself with no thought of the listening audience.


The complexity of Mozart's music was written with the less technical player in mind. Thematic and precise, it was designed for any skill level to play. Beethoven was as angry in style as he was in personality. No thought was given to those with lesser skills; his music was written with tension and ruthlessness.