The Best Way to Ship Homemade Cookies

Homemade cookies are a favorite treat of many people. They are easy to make for friends and family, especially during holidays, but they are often difficult to ship. During shipment homemade cookies have a tendency to crack and crumble, even when marked fragile. A little ingenuity and common sense will help you to successfully ship your homemade cookies to family and friends all over the world.

Pad the box

While most people realize that they need to pad any box that they are using to ship homemade cookies, they often forget to use something that will absorb a lot of shock. Using dense, lightweight materials will help to ensure that your cookies arrive intact. Use rubber foam on all sides of the box or styrofoam pellets to protect your cookies. Another option is to use bubble wrap to line all sides of the box. Using tissue paper, newspaper, or cloth to protect your cookies is not usually very successful because the paper and cloth are not able to absorb the same amount of shock as successfully as styrofoam, rubber foam, or bubble wrap.

Layer the cookies

Create a flat space inside the box with your padding on which to layer your cookies. Place cookies in several flat rows inside the box. If possible, place a row of padding or thin cardboard between the layers of cookies to further protect them. Make sure that the cookies are well wrapped or sealed before placing them in the box. If you seal the cookies inside a container such as a cookie jar for mailing make sure that the container is shatter proof and airtight. Also wrap the cookies individually in cellophane or aluminum foil so that they will not stick together.

Securing the box

Before you seal the box, make sure that the padding surrounds the cookies on all four sides of the box. Also make sure that the combined padding and cookies completely fills the box without over filling it. The top padding should come directly to the top of the open box without interfering with the box closing. The top flaps of the box should close easily without having to be pushed down or pushing in to the box. If you have to force the box closed it will put a crushing pressure on your cookies. If the box is not full enough the cookies will shift while in shipment. Make sure that the top of the box is well secured by strong tape and that the box is clearly marked as fragile before shipment.