The Best Quality Cotton Sheets

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Cotton sheets are the best bedding options for people wanting maximum comfort with a hint of style. The problem that consumers often discover is that, with so many different brands and cotton compositions in the market, finding the highest quality cotton bed sheet can be pretty daunting and extremely confusing. Fortunately, there are only a few factors to really focus on when evaluating the quality of a potential winner.

Fiber Content and Length

Egyptian, Swiss and Pima cotton sheets are considered the highest quality cotton sheets in the market. This is due to their 100 percent fiber content consisting of long staples of cotton fiber, resulting in a fabric that provides optimal aeration and extreme softness. When shopping for cotton sheets, inspect the tag carefully. Anything that promises these will probably be a good candidate for your sleeping needs. Additionally, any sheet labeled with any of the types of cotton mentioned above should automatically be considered.

Thread Count

Another thing to look at when shopping for cotton sheets is the thread count. This can be seen on the label or tag. Generally, any sheet with a high thread count (above 400) can be considered a quality product compared to a sheet with a lower count (200 and below). However, do note that this does not automatically equate to the best kind of sheet. It just means that the manufacturer did not skimp on material.


Apart from the fiber content and the length of the cotton fiber used, inspecting the weave of the fabric is another important factor to consider, ensuring that the cotton sheet in hand is of high quality. Pay close attention to the number of vertical yarns. If it has more than the number of horizontal yarns in the weave, the fabric will most likely have a very soft feel to it. Check the label and see the weave proportion listed. The number of vertical yarns will be represented by the number of “overs,” as opposed to the “unders” which represent the horizontal yarn.


Technically, a sheet made of organically grown cotton will be much softer and more durable than a sheet laced and treated with pesticides and chemicals. Some sheets are laced with chemicals to add a wrinkle-resistant trait to the fabric. Unfortunately, this can ruin the softness and can add unnecessary allergens to the fabric. The same can be said for the cotton sheet dye. The best sheets will consist of pre-dyed cotton fibers as opposed to the entire weave dyed after fabrication. Sheets that have pre-dyed fibers will be softer and more resilient to fading.