How to Tell Real Fostoria Glasses

Wine glass down on a glass table image by inacio pires from

The Fostoria glass company is no longer in business, making Fostoria glassware more in demand. In 1986, the company who formerly made Fostoria glasses closed. Many collectors of antiques and glass appreciate Fostoria because of its beautiful artwork and craftsmanship. If you know how to look at the thickness, color and other Fostoria features, you can tell the difference between real and phony Fostoria glasses.

Look at the patterns on the glassware. Fostoria comes in several pattern types such as Holly and Colony. These patterns often contain flowers and carefully created swirls on a piece of glassware.

Verify the amount of thickness that the glassware contains. Fostoria contains extremely thick and sturdy glass.


View the color scheme. This type of glassware uses multiple colors.


Analyze the style of the glassware. Some common style types include precise cuts that contain smoothly polished edges.


Pay close attention to each Fostoria design. Look for an etched flower on the glassware you examine in the form of a single rose or multiple flowers connected together via vines. You may also see other Fostoria glasses that have both coins as well as very prominent, easily recognizable stars.