Tablecloth Types

Family oriented restaurants often use vinyl tablecloths for ease of cleaning.
Image by, courtesy of Eric Jusino

Tablecloths are available for all different table shapes and sizes. It’s important to obtain a tablecloth slightly larger than the table measurements, in order to have a bit of decorative overhang along the edges.


Rectangular and oval shaped tables require an oblong or banquet sized tablecloth. Sizes typically start at 52 by 70 inches (4 by 6 feet) and go to 72 by 210 inches (6 by 17.5 feet) and beyond, depending on the manufacturer.


Square tablecloths fit square tables. When choosing a square tablecloth only one measurement will be available. For example, a 36 inch square tablecloth is 3 by 3 feet.



Made for round tables, you determine the size needed for a round tablecloth by measuring the table across a diagonal.



The most common fabrics for tablecloths are linen, cotton and polyester. Fabric tablecloths have a more elegant look to them, but do require some maintenance to achieve that, such as washing and ironing.



Vinyl tablecloths have a plastic-like coating over a fabric bottom, making them easy to clean. They aren’t as durable or elegant as fabric tablecloths, but come in a variety of patterns and designs to fit your style.