How to Stop Tasers

With the introduction of any weapon, there will always be people interested in counter measures. The sword is deflected by chain maille, the bullet by a bullet proof vest, etc. The Taser, a less than lethal weapon meant to incapacitate a person by the delivery of an electric shock to the nervous system, is no different. However, if a person is really afraid of having a Taser used on them, there are some simple ways to prevent its use on you.

Hot to Stop Tasers

Stay out of range. A Taser usually only has an effective reach of 10 to 15 feet. Beyond that reach, the wires run out of slack, and the prongs can't reach you as the target. If this step can't be taken, it's then that the others will come into play.

Wear thick clothing. A Taser shoots out twin prongs that pierce light clothing or skin and send a shock into the target. Heavy winter coats or bomber jackets made of resilient leather won't allow the prongs to penetrate, and the charge won't be conducted through the material of the coat, thus preventing its effects.

For warmer weather situations, wear insulated clothing. Thick, tough clothing such as that worn by Linemen who working on power cables or firefighters is uncomfortable in the heat, but it is lighter than winter coats, and will serve the same purpose where Tasers are concerned.

Wearing a bullet proof vest is the surest way to stop Tasers. While body armor is expensive, and only covers the torso, it won't be penetrated by a bullet, and a projectile with significantly less force being shot from a Taser will not have any effect if it lodges in high grade body armor.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy Coat
  • Insulated Clothes
  • Body Armor


  • If the less than lethal option is taken away, whether your assailant is a criminal or a police officer, that person will likely move to a more lethal option. This should be kept in mind when deciding whether being shot with a Taser is preferable to being shot with a handgun.