Snowflake Costume Ideas

Snowflake ornaments may be used in costume designs.
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No two snowflakes are alike. The idea of the snowflake has been used countless times in film, stage and television productions, such as the Dance of the Snowflakes in the ballet classic "The Nutcracker" or stories about snowflake-encrusted Jack Frost. Create your own snowflake costume for Halloween and Christmas parties.

Cardboard Snowflake

Create a snowflake costume for a child using large pieces of white cardboard or similar material. Measure the cardboard pieces so they will easily slip over your child and remember to cut out arm holes before stapling the side edges together. Trace assorted snowflake designs all over each cardboard piece and cut out with scissors. Ensure there is still enough room for your child to move around comfortably and remove some of the staples if necessary. Spray silver glitter all over the snowflake costume and in your child's hair.

Snowflake Fairy

Morph into a snowflake fairy by pairing a shimmering white or silver top with a white tulle skirt. Skirt length is up to you. Procure a pair of silvery-white fairy wings and a silvery star wand. Wear white ballet slippers sprayed with silver glitter and add silver glitter to hair. Use white and silvery hair accessories and jewels in the hair. Makeup should include frosty, silvery eye shadows and white eyeliner, and try finding a pair of light or multi-hued false eyelashes. Dust glitter on the cheeks, brow bones and temples and apply a frosty lipstick.

Snowflake Princess

Help your teen transform into a snowflake princess by browsing consignment and thrift stores for blue satin dresses. Prom and bridesmaids dresses can work, and try adding white faux fur trim and silvery faux jewels to the dress if you have the skills. Curl hair in a half-updo and place a silver tiara on top. Look for clear high heels or slippers for footwear. Add silver glitter to hair and the decolletage if desired, and use white, frosty makeup to complete the look.

Green Snowflake

Dress as a festive green snowflake for Christmas parties by procuring a green velvet dress. If possible find one with white faux fur trim or add your own trim to the dress. Sew glittery craft snowflakes to the dress and tie a red bow around your waist. Wear a pair of white, sheer white or Christmas-themed stockings with white or green stiletto pumps. Wear green and white makeup eye makeup and add a Santa hat to complete the look.