How to Make a Slam Book

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Students typically pass around a slam book in school to learn more about their friends and to get to know new people. The slam book is most popular among high school students. The creator of the slam book generates questions that they want people to answer. Those who participate in signing the book will see the answers that others gave, sparking interesting discussions among students.

Purchase a plain notebook, a fancy notebook or design your own. Cover the book with construction paper or any kind of fancy paper. Decorate each page with stickers, glitter or drawings.

At the beginning of the book, create several “Name” pages with a number on each line. Each person who signs the book will first sign in on the Name page. Assign numbers up to 25, 50, 100, etc., depending on how many people you want to sign the book.

Label each subsequent page with a question or information you want to find out about your family and friends. Label one page “Favorite music artist.” Label the next page “Favorite hobby.” Label other pages favorite color, favorite food, etc. You can have as many pages and as many questions as you want. Make questions simple or complex.

Number the question pages the same as you did for the Name pages. If the numbers on the Name pages went up to 100, the numbers for each question should go up to 100 as well. This means you will likely have more than one page for each question so that everyone has room to respond.

Set the example by being the first person to fill out your book. Place your name next to line number one on the Name pages and place your answer to each question on line number one. This will help people understand the correct way to fill out the book.

Pass the slam book around to your friends and family members. Instruct them to first sign in on one of the Name pages and then answer each question. Ask each person to return the book to you so you can pass it on to the next person on your list.