Simple Macramé Projects

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Macramé, the art of tying cord in knots, is an easy way to start crafting, giving you the satisfaction of making gifts or even jewelry with simple materials. And materials don’t cost much—you just need yarn, hemp, twine, heavy string or another type of cord. Try some simple projects and then experiment to create your own designs, as Mother Earth News suggests.

Book Worm

Create an adorable book worm to mark your pages. Free Macramé Patterns shows how to make this easy project. Somehow this little worm sprouted small arms that hang out over the top of a book as she marks your page, adding flair to this little bookmark.

Key Chain

Key chains are one of the easier macramé projects for beginners. A key chain involves creating a short length of knotted cord attached to a key ring, allowing you to create something basic yet functional. You can incorporate beads to dress it up a bit, as the Making Friends website shows.


Start exploring the world of macramé jewelry by making a simple bracelet using a chain of macramé knots. Progress to a twist loop bracelet that features two interwoven colors, or another slightly more complex design such as a bracelet with a sliding loop for easy removal, as shown on Free Macramé Patterns.


Macramé jewelry makes a wonderful gift because it’s not only handmade but also unusual, especially if you create your own pattern. Try a macramé necklace formed from several chains of cord held together by beads, as shown on Free Macramé Patterns. Or create a pendant to hang from the center of a chain by making a simple shape such as a diamond. Experiment with different shapes, or create several simple shapes and sew them together so that they overlap.

Dog Collar

Macramé jewelry isn’t just for people. If you’ve successfully tried a few beginner’s patterns, try making an attractive dog collar for your canine friends. You can add a buckle to the collar for easy adjustment. The collar will be as sturdy and practical as anything you could buy at the store. See Artists Helping Children for a pattern.


A sweet and simple macramé angel makes a wonderful decoration for a door, a Christmas tree, or anywhere else. Artists Helping Children provides instructions for an easy beginner’s angel project. Chains of knots form the body and hair, and the skirt of her dress is made of yarn fringe, created by unraveling the yarn. Tuck a small bouquet of flowers into her arms, as shown on the pattern.

Plant Hanger

A plant hanger might sound complicated, but it isn't difficult, and it makes a great present. You don't even need to use a pattern or use a certain type of knot, as Hand Crafted by Elaine says. In a plant holder, vertical strands of cords are gathered together at the top and bottom hold a potted plant in place, letting you suspend it from the ceiling. Horizontal strands of cord wrap around the pot, holding the vertical strands in place. Dave's Garden provides instructions for making this project.