Shield Crafts for Kids

Shields have been used in battle throughout history.
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Shield crafts can relate to a variety of themes and children's groups. Many Bible stories focus on a shield, army or battle theme. Children's books and movies also have a storyline in which a shield craft will fit in. The shape, colors and design on a shield had great meaning. Some popular shield themes kids can use include: patriotic colors, Biblical symbols, a super hero's design or a symbol representing group of kids.

Plastic Tub Lids to Paint

Recycle mismatched lids from plastic containers of various sizes. Kids can use acrylic paints or permanent markers to design and color their shields. Poke a hole in opposite sides of the shield to thread a twine handle through. Thread the twine through from the back of the shield so the handle is in the back. Tie the twine securely at both sides.

Cardboard Shields with Paper Designs

Obtain round, square or oblong cake base cardboard shapes. Have kids cut designs and letters from construction paper. Glue the designs onto the cardboard to make a shield. Staple a strip of poster board onto the back of each of the two side areas of the shield for a handle.

Stuffed Shield for Fun Play

Flatten a large paper grocery bag. Position the bag so any writing is on the back side of the bag and the open end of bag will be the bottom edge of the project. Paint or draw a design on the front of the bag. Stuff the bag slightly with wadded newspapers, craft cotton or pieces of soft foam. Staple the bottom edge of bag closed. Cut two slits in the center back of the bag, about three inches wide and five inches long. Use masking tape to reinforce the top and bottom edges of the slits to prevent tearing. Children can toss beanbags at each other, using the shields to deflect the beanbags.

Easy Paper Plate Shields

For younger children, or for shields that will be used for display only, use sturdy paper plates. Have the children paint designs on the backside of the plates. Cut a strip from another paper plate to use for a handle. Staple the handle to the back of the shield, reaching from one side edge to the other.

Focus on the Symbol - Paper Shield Wall Hanging

Have the children design a shield wall hanging to represent a current school or Bible lesson or theme. They can cut a large shield shape from heavy paper or from posterboard. Staple a ribbon hanger to the top of the shield. Children may use any art materials available to draw, paint or add objects to their shields. They can also write a theme word, classroom motto or Bible verse on the shield.

Common Bond - Shield Pins

Cut same-sized shields from craft foam, one per child in a class or group. Use a hot glue gun to attach a pin backing to the back of each shield. Have each child press their finger or thumb print onto every shield, or use gel pens to write their names or initials. The children can glue gold craft cording around the edge of their shield pins.