How to Sew a Quillow

Mix a pillow and a quilt, and you get a quillow. The directions that follow are for a 44-by-72 inch lap throw. It folds into an 18-inch square. Quillows are easy to sew, and you can make them in a couple hours. These neat throws make perfect gifts.

Prepare the Fabric

Prewash all the fabric. This makes it easier to work with and prevents shrinkage in the future.

Cut a 19-inch square from Color A and a 19-inch square from Color B. Cut a matching size piece of batting. This forms the pocket pieces.

Measure a 73-inch long piece of fabric from Color A and from Color B. Cut a matching piece of batting. The large portion of the quillow consists of these pieces.

Sew the Quillow

Lay the 19-inch piece of batting flat on a table. Lay Color B, the bottom, face up on top of the batting. Now place Color A, the top, face down. Pin all the edges together. Leave a 6-inch opening to turn the pieces.

Stitch with a ½-inch seam. Trim edges. Turn piece right side out. Pull corners out. Tuck the seam allowance for the opening inside, and sew it shut with the needle and thread.

Make a few tacks with embroidery floss to hold the three pieces of fabric together. You can do this with whichever pattern you choose.

Layer the fabrics for the large portion of the quillow as you did for the small square. Stitch in a ½-inch seam, but this time leave an 8-inch opening on one side. Trim edges. Turn fabric right side out. Sew opening shut.

Place the quillow body on the table so that the bottom faces up. Center the square at one end of the width. The matching color should face up. Pin in place.

Stitch the square to the quillow to form a pocket. Sew close to the edge. Start at the corner of the square that is closest to the center of the quillow. From there stitch to the bottom of the throw, then up the other side of the square. Don't stitch the side of the quillow nearest the center of the quillow. Reinforce stitches at both ends.

Hand-tie the quillow with the embroidery floss. It's up to you what pattern you use. Don't tie through the square.

Fold the Quillow

Place the quillow on a table. Put the pocket facing down and away from you.

Fold the quillow in thirds lengthwise. The outside edges lap over each other.

Turn the lengthwise piece into folds about 18 inches deep. When you fold them to the pocket, tuck the bundle into it.

Fluff the quillow to get any lumps out. It may take a couple tries to get the quillow folded just right.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 5/8 yards of 45-inch fabric Color A (top color)
  • 2 5/8 yards of 45-inch fabric Color B (bottom color)
  • Lightweight batting or old blanket to equal 2 5/8 yards
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Embroidery floss or yarn
  • Sewing machine


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