Senior Citizen Party Game Ideas

There are many party games that fit the lifestyle of seniors.
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It can be difficult to find appropriate party games for senior citizens based on many of their special needs. Many have mobility and health issues that keep them from more active games, but there are many party games available for seniors that work to their strengths and experience without risking injury.


Bingo has long been a game favored by seniors in smoke filled VFW and Kiwanis halls. It consists of a caller who picks a ball and if you have it on your bingo card, you can cross it off. Once a certain pattern has been created, that person yells "Bingo" and wins the game. It has often been played for money, but prizes can be used. This game helps with senior’s dexterity and cognitive abilities.


Seniors have seen much history through the years and you can take advantage of that with a senior trivia game. Due to some senior’s inability to write legible, the game should be played orally. The key to a good game is appropriate questions that seniors can relate too. This can include world events and history, sports, fashion, etc. It is important that the questions relate to their age groups, so no pop culture questions or recent events. Trivia can also help with cognitive abilities.


A senior will not likely here any of the songs they grew up with on popular radio stations. So a game of sing-along to common songs popular when they were younger can be the perfect party game. You can dust off the old record players and sing songs in their original format or lead a sing-along of favorites like "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon." This can be especially fun during the holiday season with popular carols like "Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells."