Selling Wood Crafts

The popularity of homemade craft items makes selling wood crafts a great way to earn extra money. The crafts do not have to be elaborate. Wood crafts, however, do have to be of a high quality. Many home crafters create beautiful pieces of work from wall plaques to shelving units, so the competition is high. There are several outlets for selling wood crafts.

Craft Shows

Craft shows are a great place for the beginning entrepreneur. The setup fees are generally low and the foot traffic is good if the event has been advertised. One show can generate leads to many other craft exhibits and shows in the area. Attending a few allows the craft person to view the competition, gain a knowledge of how the shows work, and generate ideas for future wood craft projects.

Local Flea/Farmers Markets

The flea market or farmers market has the same general principles as the craft shows. There are two types of customers at these events. The curious browser who buys on a whim and the consumer on a mission to find a needed item. Displaying a sign which offers special orders will generate more business for the clients with a specific need. The browsers can be enticed with smaller wood crafts.


The cost of lumber has impacted the price of wood crafts. The best way to generate a fair price for a craft piece is to determine the cost of materials and choose an hourly pay rate for the craft person. Figure the amount of time spent doing the project times the hourly rate and add the cost of materials. If the price seems too high, watch what the competition offers to see if they are in the same price range. The sales price is too high if everyone is talking about the fantastic wood crafts but no one is buying. Consideration must also be given to the type of market the show has attracted. Slow traffic generates slow sales.