How to Sell Sea Glass

Sea glass is created by waves tumbling broken rocks.
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Sea glass is a treasure that you can find while taking a leisurely stroll along the beach. What is fun is that you can turn your treasures into something that makes money for you. The following steps will guide in selling your sea glass creations.

Find a beach near you where you can walk. The best time to look is at low tide. Look for sea glass along the shingle.

Examine each piece of sea glass you pick up. You should look for a surface that's frosty, some patterns, uneven surfaces, portion of bottle necks and raised letters. According to the publication, "Purchasing Genuine, Real, Authentic Beach Sea Glass," colors such as orange, red, yellow, cobalt blue, purple, turquoise and black are rare.

Sell your glass as is. You can organize your glass by color and sell it in bins from which people can choose. Selling at crafts fairs, or online can be a good way to earn some money for yourself. According to the publication, "Purchasing Genuine, Real, Authentic Beach Sea Glass," sea glass continues to go up in price as supplies dwindle.

Create jewelry out of your sea glass. You can sell these items at crafts fairs, in stores that sell crafts items or in the gift shops of museums. Look around at shops in your area and ask whether you can sell your sea glass jewelry there. Bring samples for the shop owners to see.

Go online with your wares. Sell your sea glass jewelry at sites like eBay, or from your own website.

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