How to Sell Postage Stamp Collections

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Stamp collecting can be an enjoyable hobby that many people participate in for the pleasure of collecting. Others, however, may collect stamps with the intention of selling their collection. While many postage stamp collections are comprised of stamps that aren't worth more than face value, others may contain rare or valuable stamps. Knowing what you have in your stamp collection and where to sell it are the keys to successfully selling it at a fair price.

Evaluate your stamp collection before you consider selling it. Use the "Black Book Guide to Stamp Pricing" or a free online stamp-pricing guide to determine the price for specific stamps in your collection. The online guides are updated regularly to reflect changing prices and can help you determine the accurate value of your stamps.

Visit a stamp dealer for an appraisal. Only do this after you have used a guide to get a ballpark idea about the value of your collection. A stamp dealer can evaluate your collection further and may have insight that will help you value your collection. The stamp dealer may even offer to purchase your collection or know of a collector who would be interested in it.

Break your collection down into the components you want to sell. You may choose to sell your collection as a whole, but you might want to sell specific stamps as a set and reserve the more expensive, rarer stamps for separate sales.

Choose a venue to sell your stamps. In addition to stamp dealers and private collectors, online auction sites and flea markets are ideal places to sell your collection. The venue you choose may depend upon how you've decided to sell your stamps. If you choose not to break up the collection, a dealer or private buyer will work better. Flea markets and online auction sites may work better if you're selling your collection off piecemeal.