How to Sell Antique Silver

Sell Antique Precious Jewelry

Many people sell antique silver that they have had for many years. Other people sell antique silver that they have inherited or purchased for resale. There is a high demand for antique silver of all types including serving pieces, trays, tea sets, flatware, ladies' items and candlesticks.

Determine whether your antique silver is sterling silver or silver plated.

Learn as much as you can about the items that you plan to sell by researching the marks on the silver pieces.

Take the antique silver pieces to a reputable antique dealer or an appraiser to find out the value of the silver.

Decide if there is a predetermined amount of money that you want to receive for your antique silver pieces.

Take your antique silver pieces to an antique shop to see if they are willing to purchase them from you.

Consign your antique silver to an auction house or an antique shop in your area, or list your silver items on an online auction site such as eBay (see Resources below).

Advertise your antique silver as a private sale in a local newspaper or on an online site such as craigslist (see Resources below).


Always take the time to research the marks on antique silver as you can often tell the when and where the silver was made, as well as the company that manufacturing company.


Be aware that if you sell your items to an antique shop, or other reseller, you will not receive as much for them as selling them to a private collector. Make sure to deal with a reputable appraiser or antique store when having your items appraised, as there may be an unscrupulous person that undervalues your items in hopes of buying them at a low price.

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