Scrap Wood Craft Ideas

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Many crafters know that wood left over from other projects or discarded after demolition is a treasure trove of crafting materials; you simply have to look at the pieces the right way. Many scrap wood crafts exist for both adults and children. Of course, adults should always supervise these projects to help children avoid injury. Go through your scrap wood pile and look at the pieces. Odds are you can make something new from those old pieces of wood.

Wind Chime

Though wind chimes usually consist of hollow pieces to help them make noise, solid pieces of wood can make a pleasant sound as well. This project requires only wood pieces and strong twine. Long, thin pieces of wood serve as the sound makers; holes drilled in the top of each piece gives the artist a place to tie pieces of strong twine. Similar holes drilled into the edges of a circular piece of wood hold the other end of each piece of twine. A chunk of wood, perhaps a wooden ball or a wheel from a child’s toy, makes the clapper in the center of the chime. Twine runs through a drilled hole in the center of the clapper, connecting to a hole in the center of the circular piece. Knots on either side of the center hole in the circular piece keep the clapper in place while the rest of the twine serves as a hanger. When the wind blows, the clapper hits the pieces of wood.

Wooden Tiles

Making wooden tiles is a fun project for both children and adults. The craft starts with simple squares of wood. These may be precut or an adult may cut them from existing boards; sand the edges to avoid injury.

Children and adults paint the pieces with acrylic paints, using stencils if desired. The goal is to create a piece that looks like a decorative ceramic tile. A colored base like white or light blue works well. The artist can then paint geometric patterns, colorful whorls or simple figures and animals on the piece. Wood glaze or varnish seals it to prevent deterioration. The tiles can decorate refurbished wooden cabinets, windowsills or serve as coasters.

Wooden Books

Wooden books add an air of old-world charm to scrapbooks, photo albums and even recipe books. If a person is especially handy, he or she can even create a book-shaped box to store treasured items. Kids can make simplified versions of this craft to hold their special memories as well. It starts with two simple pieces of scrap wood, sanded and cut to the same size. A third piece of wood serves as the spine. The spine wood must be at least an inch thick. Hinges attach the thick edges of the spine to the surface of either cover piece. The artist can then pry a three-ring bracket from a binder and glue it to the inside of the spine. Very crafty people can paint or burn images into the cover.


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