School Activities for World Environment Day

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World Environment Day was designed to educate and activate people into helping protect the Earth and its inhabitants. You can celebrate World Environment Day with students by creating a few environmentally-themed activities and crafts that will inspire and educate the children.

Paper Globe

Student can learn more about the beauty of planet Earth by creating a paper representation of it. To make a paper globe of Earth, blow up a balloon until it is full and round. Tie the end. Combine two cups of flour and one cup of water in a bowl, mixing them well. Tear pieces of newspaper into strips. Dip each strip into the flour mixture, then spread the strips around the balloon. Cover the entire balloon with three to four layers of newspaper soaked in the mixture. Once dry, pop the balloon with a pin. Paint the entire balloon with blue acrylic paint. Paint landforms onto the blue balloon using green and brown paint. Glue cotton balls onto the globe to represent clouds. Once the globe is dry, it can be displayed for World Environment Day.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Students can learn about helping out the other animals of the world by creating a pine cone bird feeder. Pour two cups of creamy peanut butter into a jelly roll tray. Roll the pine cones in the peanut butter until the entire cone is coated. Sprinkle birdseed onto the pine cone, effectively coating the peanut butter with a layer of seeds. Tie a piece of twine onto the top of the pine cone and hang it outdoors for the birds to eat.

Coffee Filter Earth

Students can make a beautiful planet Earth for World Environment Day out of a basic coffee filter and washable markers. Flatten out a coffee filter so that it lies flat. Scribble a blue washable marker onto the coffee filter to represent water. Scribble a green washable marker onto the coffee filter to represent landforms. Fill a squeeze bottle with water, and squirt water over the entire filter. The colors will run together and will look like a watercolor painting. Allow the filter to dry completely, then glue it onto a piece of black construction paper.