Scavenger Hunt Ideas for a Church Youth Group

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Keeping your youth group interested in learning may require that you find creative methods of teaching. One effective way of teaching your Bible lesson plan is to organize a scavenger hunt that will send your youth group members in search of key elements essential to the topic you are teaching.

Good Deeds Video Scavenger Hunt

Have your youth group members make a video of doing good deeds for people in the community. On this scavenger list, you may list items such as helping an elderly person across the street, holding the door for a stranger, cleaning trash along a roadway, mowing an elderly or disabled person's yard, washing an elderly person's car, spending time at a local homeless shelter or nursing home and telling a stranger that Jesus loves them. The first team to get video of themselves doing all these tasks will be the winner of the scavenger hunt.

Food Drive Scavenger Hunt

Give a list of food drive items to each scavenger hunt team to be collected from residents and businesses in your community. Have each team go door to door and ask for food donations without letting the residents and business owners know that this is part of a scavenger hunt and without asking for specific items. At the end of the day, the team that has produced the most food items on the scavenger hunt list wins. All food collected can be donated to a local food bank or other charity.

Nativity Scavenger Hunt

Give each scavenger hunt team a list of items that would have been found at the birth of Jesus Christ. These items may include a bale of hay, a baby blanket, a donkey, a piece of gold or any other item that may have been found at the birthplace of Jesus. Allow the teams to use a camera that produces instant images for items that can't be taken back to the church. The first team to produce all the items on the list wins.

David and Goliath Scavenger Hunt

For a David and Goliath scavenger hunt, give each youth group team a list of items to hunt for and a digital camera. Items on the David and Goliath hunt list could include a person who is at least 6 feet 4 inches tall, a man named David and a sling shot. Have the youth group teams take a picture standing beside the tall man to prove that you have found a man of acceptable height and write down the full name of the person named David and take his picture. You may find an employee at a local store with a name badge with the name David. The team to produce the pictures of all the scavenger hunt items first wins the scavenger hunt.