Scavenger Hunt Clues & Ideas

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A scavenger hunt is an entertaining game that requires people to work through a series of clues in order to solve problems and find the items they are looking for. Coming up with scavenger hunt ideas takes creativity, as you want your hunters to be challenged by the clues and excited about the scavenger hunt's theme. Select a theme for your scavenger hunt to keep your clues consistent, and go with themes that are appropriate for the purpose of the scavenger hunt.

Mystery Solvers

Give your scavenger hunt a mystery-solving theme by making your hunters use the clues to find stolen gems or a pretend murder weapon. Throughout the scavenger hunt course, hunters must pay attention to the clues that they notice along the way to help them locate whatever is missing. Clues for mystery solvers can be written on crossword puzzles. First, come up with your clues and write them into a crossword puzzle. As your hunters begin the scavenger hunt, they have to complete the crossword puzzle in order so that they can move on to the next clue. Each crossword puzzle question leads the hunters to a new location. For instance, the clue "Brrrr, I am freezing" may be linked to the freezer in the kitchen, where hunters would find a piece of the mystery they are solving. At the end of the scavenger hunt, hunters stumble upon the missing mystery piece. If you are hosting a mystery solver scavenger hunt, consider making the hunters wear costume detective hats and carry magnifying glasses.

Employee Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are widely used in new-employee orientations as team-building exercises. An employee scavenger hunt has teams of new employees running around an office building or meeting hall to find objects that they have to bring back before the other team finds theirs. Clues for an employee scavenger hunt can be written as word scrambles that must be deciphered in order for teams to know where to go to find the next item on their list. At each new location in the game, scavenger hunters receive a new word scramble that they must solve together as a team. For instance, "kbera ormo" can be unscrambled to become "break room," which is where employees must look for the next clue. The team that collects all of the items in their scavenger hunt course first wins the game.

Birthday Scavenger Hunts

Birthday scavenger hunts that are played at birthday parties are exciting for children and typically lead kids to a gift at the end. When planning a birthday scavenger hunt, craft your clues to take on the form of riddles or poems. This is an entertaining way for kids to solve the clue and get one step closer to the end prize. For instance, "I'm full of air for this special day, do not untie me or I'll fly away." The answer is a balloon. So, kids will race to the balloons and look for the next clue.

Pictorial Scavenger Hunt

You can host your scavenger hunt based on picture clues. A pictorial scavenger hunt uses photographs or images from a magazine to give hunters clues about where to go next or what to find. At each new location as the hunters arrive, they find a new picture to study and figure out where to go. Pictures can be of people, products or items. For instance, if you are playing the scavenger hunt at a family reunion, and one of the pictures is of your Uncle Ed, the kids must approach Uncle Ed, who is in on the game. He will give them a riddle to solve or ask them a trivia question in order for them to move on to the next stage in the hunt. If pictures are of products or objects, kids must find the product or object and look for more clues around it.