Scarecrow Face Ideas

Create a mate for your scarecrow because even he needs companionship.
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Scarecrows are a great asset to farmers who want to keep pesky birds from eating their crops. Some people use scarecrows in their seasonel decorating. Scarecrows come in various sizes and styles and can be created at home using simple materials. Making up the face of a scarecrow can be a fun and creative process.


Traditional scarecrow faces are still a viable option when designing your scarecrow. Either a painted face or a face made from a patchwork of fabric can create the traditional, desired effect. An orange nose, button eyes and a mouth made of black thread or painted features that mimic this look can present a traditional scarecrow face.


A lighthearted and funny scarecrow will have the same effect on crows as a traditional scarecrow but might bring a laugh or two to human visitors as well. Choose a scarecrow with a tongue sticking out or a silly expression. Consider accessorizing your scarecrow with a clown hat or even make him "cool" with the addition of sunglasses.


Bring a touch of Hollywood to the cornfield by creating a celebrity scarecrow. Find free images of celebrities (many clip-art programs feature free celebrity images) and print them on iron-on transfer paper from your computer. Iron on the face of your favorite celebrity to fabric to use as your scarecrow's face. Dress the scarecrow in a costume that complements the scarecrow's face. Or feature a famous scarecrow by re-creating the famous face of the Scarecrow from the classic film "The Wizard of Oz."


Create a truly scary scarecrow that might not just keep the crows away but might evince fear in others, too. Create a scarecrow with the face of the Joker from the "Batman" films or think up your own scary face. Replace the face with a skull for a truly frightening face.