How to Run a Cake Walk

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Life is full of celebratory occasions. Different as each may be, these events often have one unifying factor: cake. Because the sweet, layered confection so effectively brings people together, organizing a cake walk for a fundraiser or festival event can be a good way to draw a crowd. It's easy to put together a fun and interactive event that yields desirable prizes.

Ready the Prizes

Cake walk participants have a single goal in mind -- being the lucky individual who takes home a sweet baked treat as a prize. Event coordinators should determine how many cakes will be needed for the event, based on crowd size and length of engagement. It can then be decided whether the cakes will be attained from a grocery store or bakery, or if volunteers will make the items themselves. Whether homemade or store-bought, package each of the cakes for easy travel using disposable lidded cake pans are ideal for this. Feature each of the cakes' ingredients for the convenience of those with food allergies. Event coordinators or volunteers should prepare a display table to feature the iced and/or decorated cakes to be given away.

Gather Gameplay Materials

Part of the beauty of running a cake walk is its simplicity -- not many materials are required to set up the game. A pen or marker is required to write out numbers, both on slips of paper for the drawing bowl and to label numbers on the playing surface. Write the numbers on paper and affix them to the floor or tape them onto the seats of chairs. If the playing surface is outdoors on concrete or asphalt, use sidewalk chalk. Lastly, a device on which to play music is required, such as a stereo or MP3 player.

Set Up The Playing Field

Create a large circle by arranging numbered chairs into a circle or affixing large, numbered pieces of paper or cardboard on the floor. In the case of an outdoor event, draw a large circle in chalk with numbers placed at equally spaced intervals. Place the numbered slips for the drawing into a bowl -- one number for each corresponding number on the playing surface. Once the game area is established, queue up the musical device so it's ready to play.

Game On

To begin the game, participants take their places at the circle -- one player for each of the numbers displayed. Instruct the players to begin walking around the circle once the music begins to play. When the coordinator stops the music, participants must position themselves at the number closest to them, either by standing in front of the numbered or taking a seat in the numbered chair. Once all players are in position, a coordinator draws a number from the bowl at random. The player residing at the corresponding number is the winner and can choose a cake from the display table.