How to Replace a Pool Table Bumper

Replace the bumpers along the rail of your pool table.
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A pool table is a big investment in your entertainment, and like everything else, it requires periodic maintenance. If you think you need to replace the bumpers, also known as the cushions, and you want to avoid the cost of labor, consider doing it yourself.

Test the existing bumpers. Roll a ball down two of the rails along the edges of the table. The ball should come in contact with the cushion at least four times. If it doesn't, it's time to consider replacing the bumpers.

Detach the original bumpers from the table by prying them off with a flathead screwdriver. Be careful to remove the rubber without damaging the wood rails.

Prepare the new bumpers by identifying the slightly curved side, which goes on top. Sand the side designed to contact the rails to remove any residue. Sand the glue off the wood on the rails, and make sure they're smooth and clean.

Glue the bumper to the wood using contact adhesive. Make sure the top edge is flush with the top of the table, and ensure there are no waves in the rubber. Make sure the cushions are straight, but don't stretch them.

Allow the glue to dry overnight. Trim the ends of the bumpers with a razor knife so they're flush with the edges of the pockets and angled accordingly. Coat the ends with adhesive, and install the cushion facings. Trim excess rubber off the facings.

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