How to Repair RC Car Electronics

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Radio controlled cars have many different types of electronics, such as the transmitter, receiver, speed controller and even the electric motor. With all of these different factors allowing the car to function, something is bound to be problematic from time to time. Repairing the electronics of the car requires some concentration. Once all of the electronics are working, the car will be ready to hit the pavement again.

Checking the Electronics

Open the bottom of the hand-held transmitter and check to make sure the batteries are properly working. Replace or add batteries if necessary.

Unscrew the car's receiver cover using the Phillips screwdriver. Check the batteries and replace them if necessary.

Look at the wires attaching the receiver to the electronic speed control. Check to make sure these wires are in the correct sockets. Turn on the transmitter and receiver to see if the electronics are working properly.

Replace the electronic speed controller if the part does not light up. Detach the wires from the speed controller and remove the part from the car.

Install the new speed controller by taping the controller to a stationary part of the car using the electrical tape. Reattach the wires to the correct sockets.

Motor Repair

Check the wires connecting the electric speed controller and the engine.

Replace the motor if it appears to be burnt out.

Remove the screws holding the motor in place using the Phillips screwdriver. Insert the new motor in the harness. Screw the motor into place.

Reattach the wires from the motor and speed controller. Turn on the transmitter and receiver to check all of the car's functions.

Things You'll Need

  • Batteries
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Electrical tape


  • Check the batteries regularly because they are normally the underlying problem causing the electronics not to work.

    Electronic speed controllers will not work without a power source.


  • Unplug the battery when replacing any electrical parts.

    Make sure the correct speed controller is use for the brushed engine or it will fry the speed controller.