Religious Bookmark Crafts to Make

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Whatever your religion, you probably treasure your scriptures and religious texts. A religious bookmark adds a beautiful, personal touch, like a decoration for the books you treasure most. They also make personal, meaningful gifts for friends and family on religious occasions. Bible bookmarks are an excellent project for a Sunday school or Christian camp. Making bookmarks is a fulfilling craft that adults and children can enjoy.

Paper Bookmarks

Paper bookmarks are suitable crafts for people of all ages, no matter what your skill level. Use card stock or a heavy duty paper so your bookmark will last longer and be more durable. There are many ways to decorate a paper bookmark. Hand-write a favorite verse on it with a fountain pen. Use stickers, paper punches, rubber stamps or markers to design it. If you prefer a computer, print clip art or words onto it. You can punch a hole in the top and thread some ribbon or a tassel through it, or laminate it to preserve it.

Wood Bookmarks

Collect some flat strips of wood, such as Popsicle sticks, tongue depressors or even paint stirrers. You can convert these into strong, permanent bookmarks. You can decorate wood much the same way you would paper. Use markers, stickers, paint or rubber stamps. Craft foam die cut into religious symbol shapes also adheres to the wood bookmarks for textured decorations.

Beaded Bookmarks

Beaded bookmarks should be fairly flat shapes made of strung beads. If you have experience with making beaded jewelry and sculptures, you can use the same techniques to make beaded bookmarks. If not, you can take a shortcut. Cut a cross shape or another religious symbol out of cardboard and paint it a desired color. String beads on fishing line and then arrange and glue the strung beads to the top of the cardboard until the cardboard is covered. Be sure to make a length of strung beads that will stick out of the top of the book so you can find the desired pages.

Plastic Canvas Bookmarks

Plastic canvas is a small plastic mesh pattern that makes needlepoint and weaving easy to do. Because it is plastic, you can cut a sheet into the desired religious symbol shape. Weave ribbon, yarn or lanyard in and out of the small squares to make a bookmark. Change colors to make different designs and patterns in the bookmark. Thread a ribbon loop for the page marker at the top center loop.