Red Hat Society Crafts Ideas

By Natasha Lawrence ; Updated September 15, 2017
Red Hat theme.

Red Hatters can create a variety of themed crafts in their signature colors of red and purple. Using images, stamps, cut-outs, dimensional paint and plastic novelty buttons, they can collage, decorate journals and make greeting cards for any occasion. Turn a Red Hat meeting into a crafting and gift making workshop with these ideas.

Red Hat Materials

Purchase Red Hat-themed decorative papers, red and purple ribbons, plastic novelty buttons, Red Hat-themed rubber stamps, red and purple dimensional paint, and other trimmings, glitter or accents in purple and red. Other materials can include Mod Podge (a collage medium), plain and fancy scissors, punches and cut-out tools, markers, composition books and size A-7 envelopes (for 5-inch by 7-inch cards).

Red Hat Projects

A few crafts that Red Hatters can make include decoupage composition book covers with textured and stamped papers, images of red hats, purses, printed sayings to create an interesting, three-dimensional finish. Insert large envelopes inside the book to collect pictures, notes and other memorabilia.

Use Red Hat-themed rubber stamps and embellishments to create greeting cards using red and purple ink on 4-inch by 6-inch pieces of white card stock. Cut them out and attach with double-sided tape or glue onto 5-inch by 7-inch red or purple card stock cards (5-inch by 10-inch cut sheet folded in half). Tie a few cards and envelopes with red or purple ribbon to give as gifts.

A Few Tips

Keep a craft box handy when collecting supplies and decorations that can be used for Red Hat projects. Sort the pages from wallpaper sample books that can be used for Red Hat themed crafts. Using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, type "Red Hats Unite," "Red Hot, Red Hat" or "My Red Hat Journal" in bold type and print it out in purple or red ink on white card stock. Add Red Hat-themed clip art. Cut the words and clip art out and use for crafts.

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