Reasons Not to Go to the Senior Prom

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The primary reasons for not wanting to go to a high school prom are most commonly: "It is too expensive," "I do not have a date" and "I do not know how to dance." These are valid reasons for many, as prom night—with its inescapable expenses, hip-hop dancing and raging hormones—can be a daunting event.


Prom nights can get pricey once you begin to factor in all of the evening's expenses. Guys must purchase tickets to the event—one for him, and one for his date—as well as pay for dinner before the big event, and rent a tuxedo or a suit, if he does not own one. Additional expenses to consider are professional couple photos, a limousine and flowers or a corsage. For girls, the evening dress alone can be a deal-breaker, with most prom dresses starting around $50, and easily jumping to over $300. Girls usually must also purchase a boutonniere for their date.

Lack of Date

The night of senior prom is destined for couples, hence, the couples' photographer, the slow dances, corsages and hours of hair and make up before slipping into dresses and suits. Therefore, when this senior's event, with all of its couple-designed frivolities and entertainment, is looming ahead, the thought of prom night sans date can be downright depressing.


The average senior high school student is not professionally trained in hip-hop, modern dance or classical dance, and the prospect of a night dedicated solely to this foreign activity is nerve-wracking, particularly when it is front of their peers or crush. Therefore, this is reason number three for not wishing to attend senior prom.

On the Flip Side

Despite these reasons, senior prom night can and should be about having a good time with close friends. If cost is the issue, ask friends and family members if they have a dress or suit you can borrow, or look for a gently used one online or in a resale shop. Nervous about asking out a crush? Whether a guy or girl, take comfort that you are not the first, and are by no means the last, to feel butterflies. Take a deep breath, and pick up the phone. As for dancing, for those who are nervous, one option is to take several dance lessons prior to the big event. Another option to learn on the fly is utilizing self-help dancing steps in books or online sites. Once you've found these, turn up some music, and start practicing.