Quilt Sashing Ideas

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When putting together a quilt top, it is not unusual to use sashing between the blocks to separate them. Sashing is a strip of fabric, measuring on average, two inches wide, but can be wider depending on your preference. These strips can coordinate or contrast with the fabric in the blocks.

Coordinating Vs. Contrasting

To coordinate your sashing, use some of the same fabric you used in the quilt block. Use a coordinating color that matches the fabric in the blocks, but sets them apart. Use contrasting strips of sashing to make the individual blocks stand out.


If the contrasting strips are a plain, dark fabric, you can quilt the sashing strips. To quilt the sashing strips, cut them wider than two inches. Depending on the quilting pattern, cut the sashing strips at least four inches wide for a narrow quilting pattern. Sew the entire quilt together, layering the batting and backing with the quilt top. With this method, you don't need to tie the quilt, using yarn or embroidery thread.

Sashing With Squares

One method to add sashing is to cut fabric strips the same length as the quilt block. Sew the strips to the right side of the block. Cut out squares the same size as the sashing. For example, if you are using two-inch sashing, cut out two-inch squares. For horizontal sashing, sew together as many strips as you have blocks in each row, with a sashing square.Use this sashing in between the rows. Line up the squares with the vertical sashing strips.

Sashing Without Squares

To add sashing without squares, follow the same directions for completing the vertical rows with squares. For the horizontal sashing strips, cut long strips of the fabric and sew them along the bottom of the rows. Use these long sashing strips to complete the outer edge of the quilt as well. Follow this same process to add pieced sashing to your quilt top. Sew together various lengths of strips of fabric and sew them to your blocks. Trim off excess sashing and add the next block. This uses scraps of fabric and adds an interesting look.