Quick & Easy Sewing Ideas for Craft Shows

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Participating in a craft show is a way to showcase your artwork while hopefully making some money. One of the important factors in making a profit is finding craft projects that incorporate time and materials that match the price you can charge for the product. There are many simple sewing crafts that make good items to include in a craft show.

Hot and Cold Packs

Make a hot or cold pack
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Create hot and cold packs with wash cloths, towels or any type of fabric as long as it's not metallic. If using fabric, cut two squares that are the same size. Make larger squares for back pain packs and smaller squares for packs that work for headaches and neck pain. Sew the sides of the wash cloth or fabric squares until there is only a small hole left to pour in some rice. Use a funnel to pour the rice into the bags, filling them about three-fourths of the way. Sew the hole closed. Include an instruction sheet with the rice packs. They should be microwaved for no longer than 2 minutes for heat pads, and they can also be frozen and used as cold packs.

Baked Potato Bags

Potato bag
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You can make baked potato bags quickly and cheaply. Cut a piece of 100 percent cotton fabric, a piece of flannel and a piece of cotton batting into rectangles that are 22 inches by 11 inches. Sew together with the batting in the middle. Then fold the three pieces of fabric in half and create a pouch by sewing three sides together and leaving the fourth open. Include instructions to wrap potatoes in paper towels and microwave them in the pouch for five minutes or until soft.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows
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With a little creativity, you can transform plain pillows into works of art. Purchase pillow forms in any size from a craft or fabric store. Create a simple cover out of any type of fabric desired by cutting out two pieces of fabric slightly larger than the pillow form. Embellish the fabric with sewn-on buttons, iron-on transfers or by quilting. Sew three sides of the fabric together and slip the pillow inside. Sew the fourth side. You can also edge the pillow in lace or fringe.


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Create simple Christmas stockings by cutting out stocking shapes from any fabric and sewing up the sides. Hem the top edge. Sew on a cuff made of a different type of fabric if desired. You can fill stockings with small treats for pets, children, specific sports fans or other custom gifts.