Primitive Grunge Crafts

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Primitive crafts are those that are made to appear "old" or antiqued. They are often simple in design and creation, and primitive crafters often do not try for perfection, since imperfections add to the charm and allure of such handmade items. There are many types of primitive crafts, from furniture to clothing to home decor items.

Rag Garland

Cut 2-inch by 6-inch strips from several colors of coordinating fabrics. You will need between 30 and 50 strips for every foot of garland you plan to make. Cut a strong piece of twine to the desired length of the garland plus an additional 6 inches. Tie a small loop at both ends of the twine. Tightly tie each fabric strip onto the twine, making sure to push the fabric together at regular intervals.

Primitive Christmas Star

Cut a star shape, in your desired size, from a piece of cardboard. Use a sharp needle to pierce holes around the outer edge of the entire star. Thread a needle with yarn and tie a knot in the end. Bring the needle up through the star from the bottom side. Loop the thread around the edge of the star, and bring the needle back up through the next hole, again from the bottom side of the star. Continue this process until you have stitched around the entire star. Trim and knot off the the thread. Tear two small pieces of fabric and glue to the center of both sides of the star. Glue buttons in the centers of the fabric pieces.

Primitive Wreath

Cut 60 even petal-shapes from sheets of off-white felt. Stitch two felt pieces together using any stitch that you desire. When finished, you will have 30 petals. Stitch the ends of six petals to a button in a flower shape. Repeat this with the remaining petals, so you have five flowers. Pour a pot of coffee into a shallow tray and add the flowers for about two seconds to stain them. Hang them to dry completely. String a piece of wire through the back of each of the flowers and, using the wire, attach them evenly around a small twig wreath.

Primitive Cat

Using chalk, draw a cat figure onto an old, black sock. Your drawing does not have to be perfect because it is a primitive-style craft. Cut around the chalk line, making sure to cut through both layers of the sock. Sew around the two side edges and top of the cat, leaving the bottom open. Turn the cat right-side out. Stuff the cat with scraps of fabric as much as possible, and with as many lumps as possible. Sew a gathering stitch along the bottom of the cat, pull tightly and knot. Sew two buttons on the cat's face for eyes and embroider a mouth, nose and whiskers using tan thread. Hand-sew a small patch on the cat, and attach a thin piece of twine around the neck, if desired.