How to Price Antique Dolls

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Found at estate auctions and in attics, antique dolls can come into people's hands in many ways. Some people collect these dolls, some save them for their children and others look to sell them. Collecting antique dolls is a popular hobby for many people. These people are often on the lookout for dolls to buy. To sell your items for the best price to people who wish to buy them, you must learn to price antique dolls.

Find out information on your specific doll. Look for distinct features for your doll that others may be looking for, such as a specific manufacturer or quantity manufactured (see Resources below).

Gather information on the condition of your doll. A doll that is in mint condition will fetch a better price than a damaged doll. Research any accessories that may have come with the doll and see if you have them or not (see Resources below).

Take your antique doll to a certified appraiser. You may have to pay for an appraisal, but it can help you approximate the amount you should price antique dolls for and may keep you from selling your doll for less than it is worth.

Talk to flea market and antique store dealers. Ask for advice from small dealers who are renting space in a flea market or antique mall. Speak with store owners and find out what they would be willing to purchase your antique dolls for. The amount they offer may be much lower than you would find elsewhere but it can help you come up with a lowest price you would accept.

Scan online classifieds, such as Look for antique dolls the same, or similar, to your dolls to see their selling price. Search these ads for people who may be searching for the type of antique dolls you are trying to price. You can contact them to see how much they would offer for your dolls (see Resources below).

Search auctions sites such as Look for items that have already sold by clicking on "Advanced Search" at the top of the eBay page and clicking "completed listings." Use the prices of similar items to price antique dolls (see Resources below).

Read price guides on antique dolls. Price guides can help you price your doll based on the wear and tear, age and manufacturer of your doll. Realize that a price guide may be out of date and does not take into account the current market on antique dolls (see Resources below).

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