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Pretty in Pink: 10 Pieces to Pick

Any color as long as it's pink!
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All those pretty shades of pink and so little time to enjoy them. Scoop up a bunch of clothes and accessories to pick from when you're feeling in the pink and to indulge whatever mood you're in. Whether you're feeling flirty and frothy or chic and elegant, a burst of pink is fun and feminine, and it doesn't have to cost vast amounts of money to add that little touch of pizzazz.

Any color as long as it's pink!
Visage/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pink Shoes

Pink shoes are a kick, and the brighter the better. If you're into heels, choose the sassiest pair you can find and waggle those tail feathers, baby. Or perhaps you fancy an exotic pair of pink sandals that are gorgeously pretty as well as practical. Even pink rubber boots can make a stint of heavy gardening feel like a walk in the park.

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Pink Scarf

Wear one loosely draped around your neck or tied with pretty knots. How about putting a pink scarf in your hair and letting the ends fall across your shoulders or using it as a belt around a summer dress or a pair of rough and ready jeans? The lightest of fabrics makes such a vivid statement and it's amazing how such a small piece can make such a big impact.

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Pink Beads

Splash out on some purr-fect pink necklace beads for an eye-catching contrast against dark colors. Don't go overboard on the jewelry front -- one or two bold pink statements are enough for a chic look; otherwise you just look like a rose bush. Try this too: Thread your beads through a cheeky little updo or double them up by twisting them around your wrist. Just remember to keep them out of reach of small children in case they swallow a bead, but kitty cats are allowed to check them with a supervisory paw.

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Pink Curls

Well why shouldn't you wear a pink wig if you want to? A short bob or a long, flowing mane will transform your evening in a trice and make you stand out in a surging crowd. These new materials ... so easy to take care of, so a little maintenance from time to time will ensure you've always got a look that others will look at, too. You'll be hard to miss and hard to lose.

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Pink Clothes

Hot pink or cool pink, there's a shade for everyone. Choose carefully when picking pink clothes, because not all pinks look fabulous on pale skin, and a pale pink can make you look insipid. Brown and tanned skins, however, look wonderful against deeper pinks which bring out your depth of color. Here, pale pink sets off white for a summertime flavor.

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Pink Hat

Team up a big pink hat with a demure little dress and you'll remind people of Audrey Hepburn, her stylish taste and her exquisite dress sense. Don't jam it on the back of your head or to the side -- this type of design looks best when it hides part of your face and makes you look mysterious and possibly famous. Winding a scarf round a hat doesn't look as good as it once did, but instead, decorate with "ladies who lunch" bunches of cherries or sprigs of flowers, like this raspberry pink one.

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Pink Swimsuit

Not only do pink clothes show up in the summer, but pink swimwear does too. Don't forget that bit about hot pink suiting tanned and darker skins -- a bright pink swimsuit or a bikini will make you the No. 1 wow on the beach and eyes will be out on stalks. You'll stand out a mile and for all the best reasons.

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Pink Lipstick

Pucker up and pout in as many shades of pink as you can lay your hands on. Hot pinks, cool pinks, pretty pinks and everything in between, they're a smoochingly refreshing change from the go-getter reds and purples you see everywhere. Try lip stains rather the traditional lippy if your lipstick doesn't hang around for long or pat foundation onto your lips, dab on some frosted pink blusher and top with lip sealant and gloss for a cute-looking kisser.

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Pink Nail Polish

Splash on the pink enamel and wave those hands in elegant fashion. The pinker the better, but do make sure it's never chipped or broken because that looks so tacky. Steer away from the safe pinks and go for the bright and vivid shades: It's too easy to be middle of the road.

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The Little Pink Dress

Ditch the little black dress and slip into a classy little pink number instead. What's the point of wearing a black cocktail dress if every other woman is in black, too? Dazzle the crowd, and you can pick your own partners on the dance floor and possibly even start a fashion revolution.

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