Power Ranger Craft Ideas

If your child is a fan of the Power Rangers, you can craft items to help him morph into a member of the team that fights the forces of evil. There are many different Power Ranger characters, each with special powers, attributes and color-coordinated costumes. Be sure to ask your child about his favorite character so you can make items that he will like to wear.


Make a Power Rangers Mystic Force cape from satiny fabric. Cut a rectangle of fabric long enough to go from the back of your child’s neck to the top of his thighs and wide enough to wrap around his body. Sew a narrow hem around the edges to prevent raveling. Attach a length of 1-inch wide ribbon to each top corner, which will tie at the neck. Use fabric paint to draw the symbol for your child’s favorite Power Rangers character onto the back of the cape.


Recycle a cardboard tube and a soft-drink bottle to make a Power Ranger Full Throttle weapon. Insert the neck of an empty 20-ounce plastic bottle into one end of a wrapping-paper tube. The soft-drink bottle will be the handle of the weapon. To make the handle easier for little hands to grasp, choose a bottle that is shaped with a narrow base or center rather than a bottle that is the same width from top to bottom. Wrap the cardboard tube and the bottle in duct tape to produce a gun-metal-grey weapon.

Eye Mask

Use a sheet of black craft foam to create an eye mask to hide your child’s Power Ranger identity. Cut a 3-by-7-inch rectangle of foam to make a strip that covers the eyes. Snip wedges into the edges to create a dramatic effect. Sew a length of 1/4-inch elastic to each narrow end of the foam rectangle, making the elastic long enough to hold the mask snugly against your child‘s head. Put the mask on your child’s face and determine where eye holes are needed. Use a piece of white chalk to carefully mark the location on the outside of the mask. Remove the mask and cut out the eye holes.

Official Mask

With a couple super-simple clicks of a mouse, you or your child can make an official Power Rangers mask. The Disney Power Rangers home page offers visitors to the site an opportunity to design and print a paper mask. Click on the link in the Resources Section to go to the Power Rangers official site and visit its Mask Lab. There you can choose one of six different colors and four patterns for your mask that you can make and print in minutes. To make your mask durable, print it on card stock rather than on standard-weight copy paper.