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PlayStation 1 Information

After more than three years of development, the PlayStation was first released in Japan during late 1994 and all over the world during the next year. It became Sony’s first attempt at the video game market. The PS immediately became a rival to Nintendo and Sega. A smaller version of the PlayStation named the PSone was released in 1999.

SNES PlayStation

The PlayStation was originally going to be a peripheral for the Nintendo SNES. However, licensing issues between Sony and Nintendo prevented this.

3D Graphics

Unlike the Nintendo SNES which was restricted to a 2-D game world, the PlayStation One allowed games to take place in a three-dimensional world.


CD Compatible

The PlayStation One is able to play CDs. This is impossible for cartridge based consoles and gave the PlayStation One an advantage over the competition.



The PSone was released as a cheaper version of the PlayStation. This was marketed as a more affordable alternative to the soon-to-be released PlayStation 2.


Technical Specifications

The PlayStation One was created to be powerful and easy to program. The 32-bit processor runs at 33.8688 MHz.

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