How to Play Slapjack

Slapjack is played using a standard 52-card deck.

Slapjack can get crazy as players around the table smack and whack their opponents in this simple but energetic game. The goal is slap every Jack card that turns face up before your opponents. The winner is person with the quickest hands and the largest pile of won cards. This game is meant for two or more players. Increase the number of card decks if you have more than four players. Add to the energy of the game by yelling "Slap Jack!" as you slap the card. This is also a fun way to psych out your opponents.

Deal out all cards face down to all the players as evenly as possible. Do not look at your cards. Use one deck for less than four players and two decks if you have more than four.

Turn up one card in the center of the table, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.

Slap the pile of cards if a Jack is turned up, regardless of suit. The first person to notice the Jack slaps their hand down on the pile of cards therefore winning the whole pile.

Place the winning cards into the winner's face down pile. The player to the left of the winner turns up the next card in the center of the table, starting the next play.

Rotate to the next player, allowing them to place a card face up. Continue through all the players, slapping Jacks as the game progresses.

Continue play. If a player has run out of cards, but still has face up cards in play, they may continue to slap Jacks, winning cards in order to stay in the game. If they are entirely out of cards, they are disqualified and the game continues.

Forfeit one card if you accidentally slap something other than a Jack. You must give one card from your face down pile to the person whose card you slapped.

Win the game by collecting all the cards from the other players.


Call out "Slap Jack" when a face card is turned up even if it is not a Jack. This might trigger your "slap-happy" opponents to make a mistake.


A referee may be needed to determine who slapped the Jack first but if everyone's hand is still in place, the winner is the person with their hand lowest in the pile, directly touching the Jack.

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