How to Play a Shrek Drinking Game

Drinking games can work for a variety of films.

Shrek is the story of an ogre who, along with his trusty sidekick Donkey, wins back the title to his swampy home from Lord Farquaad by rescuing Princess Fiona from a fierce dragon. If this sounds too sweet and innocent to base a drinking game on, you haven't seen the movie. Here's how to liven up that classic tale for some rowdy adults. Drink responsibly!

Drink once when Shrek destroys something, pounds on someone or yells at Donkey. When Shrek does something nasty, like farting or taking a mud bath, drink once. Do this also when Donkey sings, loses it or gets Shrek angry at him. Any time you see the word "ogre" or see a slow motion fight scene, drink.

Swig your favorite poison twice when you hear the words "Lord Farquaad," "swamp" or "Muffin Man." If someone uses the words "Shrek" and "Donkey" together, take two swigs. This also goes for any time Princess Fiona acts bitchy or the Gingerbread Man loses a body part (limb, gumdrop).

Knock back three whenever people start singing. Do another triple when someone mentions Lord Farquaad's height problem, someone says "really, really" or "steed" or the Kingdom of Duloc is seen or talked about.

Slam back four sips when Shrek says he wants to be alone, is alone or that he is sorry for something. Take four sips when someone makes fun of Shrek.

Glug down five sips of your drink whenever Princess Fiona changes form, there's an ogre hunt or someone says "that'll do, Donkey, that'll do."


Don't be surprised if you get inebriated quickly playing this game.

You don't have to keep drinking to finish off the movie if you have too much.


Make arrangements to get home after playing. Do not drink and drive.

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