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How to Play the Price Is Right

About the Price Is Right
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Every day for decades, "The Price Is Right" has been watched by millions of people in dozens of countries. Many of us watch this show and dream of being a contestant, playing pricing games, spinning the big wheel and maybe winning A NEW CAR! Following these tips will improve your chances of being chosen to be a contestant and winning fabulous money and prizes on "The Price Is Right"!

Get tickets to a taping of the show. Tickets to "The Price Is Right" are free and are easy to obtain. Simply visit the show's website and order them, or stop by the CBS office in Los Angeles.

Get picked to be a contestant. When you show up for a taping of "The Price Is Right," you'll wait in a line with all of the other audience members before you are seated. While you're in line, the shows producers will be talking with all the audience members, trying to decide which ones will make great contestants. They look for enthusiasm and excitement above all, but sometimes gimmicks can work too, like clever t-shirts or crazy costumes.

Come on down! If you're picked to be a contestant, you'll hear your name called during the show, and you'll run down to contestant's row. Once there, you and three other contestants will bid on what you think a prize is worth. The one who is closest without going over will win the prize and get to play a pricing game.

Play a pricing game. If you are lucky enough to make the closest bid, you'll get to play a pricing game. Prizes for these games run from furniture to trips to new cars. There are many different pricing games, but some of the most popular are Plinko, Cliff Hangers and Pathfinder.

Spin the big wheel. Every contestant who gets to play a pricing game also gets to spin the big wheel, where values range from five cents to one dollar. The two contestants who get the highest total out of two spins without going over one dollar get to move on to the Showcase Showdown. As a bonus, if you hit one dollar on the big wheel, you win a thousand dollars.

Play in the Showcase Showdown. If you make it to the Showcase Showdown, you can win some major prizes. Two showcases full of prizes are shown, and the two final contestants bid on the total value of their showcases. The contestant who bids closest to the true value without going over wins the showcase. If your bid is less than one hundred dollars away from the value of your showcase, you win both your and your opponent's showcases.

Enjoy your winnings! If you've made it to the end of "The Price Is Right," you've no doubt won many valuable and exciting prizes. Enjoy them, and enjoy watching others play on "The Price Is Right"!

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