How to Play the Left-Right Baby Shower Game

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Baby showers are notorious for party games, whether it’s searching for diaper pins buried in a bowl of rice, guessing the circumference of the expectant mother’s belly or memorizing baby items scattered on a tray. Guests may come for the lemonade, sandwiches and gossip, but they also arrive to compete for the trinkets and treasures dispersed upon winning baby shower games. Play the Left-Right baby shower game for a few moments of hard listening, shared laughter and random gift-giving.

Purchase a prize. Since the Left-Right baby shower game involves just one prize, make it a good one. Upscale body lotions, restaurant gift certificates, scarves, bracelets and scented candles make good game prizes. Wrap the present in baby-themed gift wrap.

Write or print out the Left-Right script. In the story, Mr. and Mrs. Wright undergo a series of adventures in preparation for having their baby, turning left or right to enter the hospital, making the “right” choice in their favorite doctor to deliver the baby and realizing that they’ve accidentally “left” the video camera at home. You’ll find different variations of the story, and it’s possible to make up your own story, too. Just name the characters Mr. and Mrs. Wright, and include plenty of references to the words “left” and “right.”

Arrange chairs in a circle at the baby shower location, and ask each guest to choose a chair. Chairs should be situated close enough so that participants can pass the gift back and forth easily without much reaching.

Ask the mother-to-be or other special guest to read the Left-Right script. Every time the word “left” occurs in the script, the wrapped gift is passed to the participant on the left. Every time the word “right” or “Wright” appears in the script, the gift heads to the competitor on the right.

Finish reading the script. Whoever holds the baby shower prize upon reading the last “left,” “right,” or “Wright” gets to unwrap and keep the prize.

Things You'll Need

  • Prize
  • Gift wrap
  • Left-Right script
  • Chairs


  • To make it easier for the person reading the Left-Right script, boldface or capitalize all references to “left,” “right” and “Wright” in the script. When the reader emphasizes these important clues, participants have an easier time following along and passing the gift.


  • This game can become boring at baby showers with a large number of guests, since it can take some time for the gift to make its way around the circle. Guests may tune out upon realizing that the gift isn’t headed their way. To prevent this, keep several presents in circulation. For very small showers, include a different gift for each person – the suspense will lie in wondering who will receive each present.