How to Play the Card Game Speed

Speed is a two-person game.
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Speed is a fast-paced card game that also is known as spit. It can be played only by two players and requires one deck of playing cards.

Shuffle the cards. Give both players one stack of 10 cards and one stack of five cards. Set a set of 10 cards in the middle left of the table and another set of 10 on the middle right. Place the two remaining cards side by side between the piles. All cards should be face down at this point.

Turn both single cards over at the same time. Players then must play a card from their five-card set that is one point higher or lower than the face-up cards. There is no taking turns; players play as fast as they can, with the first to play overriding the other. For example, if the face-up cards are a seven and four, either player may play a six or eight on the first and a three or five on the second. Once a player places a card, it becomes the new face-up card.

Continue in this fashion, playing cards on top of the face-up piles, until you can't play what's left of your five cards. You may then replenish your hand with cards from your 10-card pile, but only with as many cards as you need to fill out your five-card hand.

Turn over new face-up cards from both the left and right piles once neither player can play a card from his hand. Then proceed as before.

Shuffle and redistribute the central piles if all the cards have been turned over but players still have cards to play.

End the hand when one player runs out of cards. He then gets one point for every card his opponent has not played.

Declare a winner once one player reaches a given number of points, such as 25.

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