How to Play $10,000 Pyramid

The $10,000 Pyramid game show has been around since the early 1970s. We watched it and played along with the contestants. Many of us wanted to be a contestant and having our chance at that prize money. If we can't be on the show, then we can at least play the game with our friends.

Decide on the categories. Six categories are needed to play the $10,000 Pyramid game. Things to eat, colors of the rainbow and parts of the body are all examples of categories.

Make a pyramid-shaped board. Arrange the categories with three on the bottom row, then two on the next row and one on the top row.

Choose four players, and divide them into two teams of two.

Arrange the teams so that their members sit and face each other. The player giving the clues needs to see the board, while the other person faces away.

Reveal the categories one at a time to the clue giver. The team has 30 seconds to correctly guess all 6 categories. The player gives clues to his partner. but he may not say the word involved. For instance, if the category is parts of the body, he can say "head," "feet" or "hands," but he may not say "body." If the guesser is stumped, she may say pass to move onto the next category.

Advance play when the other teammate guesses the correct categories until that team reaches the top and wins the round.

Repeat play with the other team through three rounds. Then determine the winner by adding the number of categories correctly guessed and how fast the guesses took. The winner can play a bonus round, or the winner can take on challengers instead.

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